Shanishchare Multiple Campus

Shanischare Multiple Campus


Arjundhara - 7, Jhapa

ESTD. : 2064 B.S.


Shanischare Multiple Campus is situated in Koshi Province, Jhapa district, Arjundhara Municipality. It lies in Northern part of 26.41° latitude and Eastern part of 86.59° Longitude in Eastern part of Nepal. It is about 20 kilometers north of Chandragadi, the district headquarters of Jhapa and 5 kilometers north of the East-West Highway or  Birtamode, the commercial centre of Jhapa. It borders with Rong Rural Municipality of Ilam and Buddhshanti Rural Municipality in the north,  Mechinagar Municipality in the east, Birtamode Municipality in the south and Kankai Municipality and Mai Municipality of Ilam in the west. 

The campus was established in 2064 B.S. (2007) A.D. ) and located in Arjundhara Municiplity -7 Jhapa at Shanischare Bazar with the aim of running classes up to Bachelor's level providing Higher Education at an affordable means with special privileges for the promising students. The residents of the catchment area, different organizations and the campus made a joint effort and collected donations from as many sectors as possible to establish Shanischare Multiple Campus (SMC) as a non-profit community-based public campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University of Nepal . 

The campus is operating in its self own property-One Bigha, One Katha and Nine and half Dhur of land area with enough physical space. There are four two-storey RCC buildings. The location where Block 'A' is constructed through financial grants supported by local people through Maha Puran (2067 B. S.) , Arjundhara Municipality, Parliamentary Regional Development Fund and University Grant Commission Nepal.  While Block 'B' is constructed through financial by Ministry of Social Development Koshi Provence and University Grant Commission Nepal. Likewise Block 'C' and Block 'D' are constructed financial grants by University Grant Commission Nepal. In these different blocks we are conducting administrative and academic activities. There are  29 comfortable rooms for Administrative Section,  Library, Free Students' Union, departments and study for the students. Other seven rooms are temporary. The facilities of pure drinking water, lavatory and furniture are also well managed in this campus.

The campus is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) Nepal. The college has to offer two different programs to the students at present which are hereafter mentioned:

  1. BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) - yearly based,  4-years program
  2. B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) - yearly based,  4-years program


It has been providing higher education for promising students through Education and Management streams (four years) at bachelor's level. Under the faculty of education, there are three different specialization subject areas: English, Nepali and Economics.

From the point of view human resources, this campus has 26 qualified and experienced teachers and 7 non-teaching staff. Out of total 592 students, 431 are girls and 161 boys, (72.80 % and 27.19 %) respectively. Details of student description kept under the annex one.

Shanischare is the amalgamation of different types of people, and 'unity in diversity' is the true example of the area. There are indigenous people like Danuwar, Dhimal, Majhi, Rajbanshi, Santhal (Satar), Meche, Kumal etc; tribal people like Limbu, Rai, Tamang, Gurung, Magar, Sunuwar etc; and  Dalit people like Kami, Damai, Sarki, etc. They live together, harmoniously and cooperatively with others like Brahmin, Chhetri and Newar people. There are different religious groups like Hindus, Buddhists, Muslim and Christians. They celebrate Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Id, Ramjan, Budha Jayanti, Christmas, Lhosar, Udhauli, Ubhauli etc.

Most of the people in this area have poor economic condition. There are labourers, farmers and others having low life standard. Very few of the people are government job holders. Due to the low economic condition, most of the youths go to foreign countries to earn money. 

In the campus catchment area, about 85% of the residents are literate. There are 7 public and 5 secondary schools. Regarding basic schools, 10 are public and 1 is privet.

Scholarship Schemes

The campus well come students for quality education from every sphere of life . Student can study under the following scholarships :

  1. 3.20- 3.60 GPA  scores in +2  discount Rs 2000/ only in admission period
  2. 3.61-4.00 GPA  scores in +2 discount  Rs 3000 / only in admission period

Special Provision :

  1. Student who score in the highest marks in the final examination in the both (management & Education) streams also found the Rs. 6000/ only
  2. Topper from any year in the final examination in the both (management & Education) streams also found the Rs.4000/ per head only 
  3. Likewise 25 to 50 percent tuition fee discount will be given 15%  student in the campus.