Shanishchare Multiple Campus

Hem Prasad Kharel

Message From Campus Chairman

A massage from the president of the organization Dear students, parents, teachers, staff and others : I would like to welcome all of you on behalf of Shanischare Multiple Campus Management Committee. Shanischare Multiple Campus was established by the dedicated and dedicated efforts of social workers, intellctuals, educators, religious people, political workers, specially in service (catchment area)sector. We all know that this campus has played an important role in providing higher education, especially to the children of the backward and marginalized communities of the northern region of Jhapa district as well as Tehrathum, Taplejung, Pachthar and Ilam in the eastern hills. We are confident that this campus, established in the year 2064, will be successful in transforming the effort expected by the local community as well as various sections of the society in to reality. We are determined to improve the physical infrastructure of the campus as well as financial and administrative aspects. In the future the board of directors will also play a role in conducting technical related subjects such as BBA, Bed ICT, BIM etc. In addition, this campus will also be able to raise funds from the policy formulation necessary for obtaining the loan. In addition, we will continue our effort to build the necessary infrastructure for this campus to obtain in the QAA Certificate. In the end we are also confident that the manpower produced from this campus will be able to compete in any country in the world as well as succeed in working competency. Chairman : Hem Prasad Kharel, Campus Management Committee